ESP32 WIFI Soft Access Point

ESP32 Soft AP refers to the Soft Access Point functionality provided by the ESP32 microcontroller. The Soft AP feature allows the ESP32 to act as a wireless access point, enabling other devices to connect to it as if it were a regular Wi-Fi router.

With ESP32 Soft AP, you can create your own local Wi-Fi network without the need for an external router or internet connection. This capability is useful in various scenarios, such as creating a standalone IoT network, setting up a local communication network for devices, or creating a configuration portal for setting up Wi-Fi credentials on the ESP32.

 The DHCP server of the ESP32 Soft AP is enabled by default, automatically assigning IP configurations to connected clients. You don't need to take any action in this regard. Alternatively, you have the option to manually specify the IP configuration for the ESP32 Soft AP or utilize the default setting of

The following methos are used in the demo code:

WiFi.softAPConfig() Soft AP IP Configuration
WiFi.softAPsetHostname() Set Soft AP's Hostname
WiFi.softAP() Start Soft AP, return false if failed


WiFi.softAPSSID() Soft AP SSID
WiFi.softAPIP() Soft AP's IP Address
WiFi.softAPgetHostname() Soft AP's Hostname
WiFi.softAPmacAddress() Soft AP's Mac Address

Soft AP's Subnet mask
24 =

WiFi.softAPgetStationNum() The Number of Connected Clients


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