ATtiny861A MCU

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Categories: Component IC

Behold the Extraordinary Lonely Binary ATtiny861 - The Ultimate AVR-20PU 20 Pin Wonder!

Prepare to be amazed as we unravel the incredible universe of features that the Lonely Binary ATtiny861 holds within its tiny, yet mighty, core! This genius microcontroller is like a superhero with a plethora of talents, ready to elevate your projects to soaring heights of technological brilliance!

Let's dive into the magic it brings to the table:

Enchanting Memories: With 8K bytes of In-System Programmable Flash, 512 bytes of EEPROM, and 512 bytes of SRAM, the Lonely Binary ATtiny861 has a treasure trove of memories to capture every enchanting moment of your creativity!

Light Up Your Ideas: Equipped with 16 general-purpose I/O lines and 32 general-purpose working registers, this microcontroller illuminates your path to innovation, making every project a beacon of brilliance!

Time is of the Essence: The Lonely Binary ATtiny861 is a master of time, featuring an 8-bit Timer/Counter with compare modes and an 8-bit high-speed Timer/Counter to keep your creations in perfect harmony with the universe!

Seamless Connectivity: Embrace the power of the Universal Serial Interface, Internal and External Interrupts, and an 11-channel, 10-bit ADC - all ready to forge connections and weave your projects into a mesmerizing tapestry of technology!

Power-Packed Dreams: Fear not the energy drain, for this marvel offers four software-selectable power-saving modes! From the incredible Idle mode that stops the CPU while keeping the essentials alive, to the dreamy Power-down mode that saves register contents until the next magical interruption - your power consumption nightmares are vanquished!

Silence the Noise: Enter the ADC Noise Reduction mode, where the CPU and all I/O modules halt except ADC, silencing any switching noise during ADC conversions. Your projects shall know only harmony and tranquility!

Wake-Up Wonders: In Standby mode, the crystal/resonator oscillator remains active while the rest of the device slumbers, granting your projects a speedy and low-power wakeup call, ready to shine once more!

Discover the Lonely Binary ATtiny861 - Where a world of limitless possibilities awaits your imagination! Embrace the marvels of Lonely Binary and let your projects soar to galaxies of innovation and laughter!

Lonely Binary - Igniting Sparks of Creativity, One Pin at a Time!



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There are 3 pieces in the retail box.
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