ESP32-S3 Sync RTC time with NTP server

We are excited to provide a free public NTP server for your convenience. Our server is located in Sydney, Australia and can be accessed using the address Feel free to utilize our NTP server in your microcontroller projects to ensure accurate timekeeping.

It is generally recommended to synchronize the ESP32's RTC (Real-Time Clock) with an NTP (Network Time Protocol) server regularly, especially if accurate timekeeping is crucial for your application.

The ESP32's internal RTC clock, while capable of maintaining time during deep sleep, may experience drift over time due to temperature fluctuations and other factors. By synchronizing the RTC with an NTP server, you can ensure that the RTC remains accurate and aligned with a reliable time source.

Regular synchronization with an NTP server helps compensate for any clock drift and ensures that your ESP32 maintains precise timekeeping. This is particularly important if your application requires time-sensitive operations or accurate timestamps.

You can choose the frequency at which you synchronize the RTC with the NTP server based on your specific application requirements. Common intervals for synchronization range from every few hours to once a day, depending on the desired level of accuracy and the tolerable amount of time deviation.

When synchronizing the ESP32's RTC with an NTP server, you typically retrieve the current time from the server and update the RTC accordingly. The ESP32 offers configTime() methods that facilitate NTP synchronization.

By regularly synchronizing the ESP32's RTC with an NTP server, you can ensure that your device maintains accurate timekeeping, even in scenarios where the ESP32 may experience clock drift or be subjected to varying environmental conditions.




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