ESP-01S Programming using Arduino IDE

Preparing Arduino IDE

To effectively utilize the ESP-01S module with Arduino IDE, it's imperative to install the ESP8266 plugin. 

Consider Arduino as a kind of standard; it sets the groundwork by defining fundamental commands, such as those for serial communication, pin configuration, digitalWrite, and digitalRead. The plugin, on the other hand, bridges the gap by providing the hardware implementation of these commands. This plugin operates as an intermediary layer between the Arduino IDE, which serves as a code editor for writing your programs, and the actual hardware of the microcontroller unit (MCU). In essence, the Arduino IDE is the platform where you craft your code, and the plugin plays a pivotal role in translating that code into instructions that the hardware MCU can execute. This collaborative framework ensures that your ESP-01S seamlessly interfaces with Arduino IDE, simplifying the development process.

You can easily access example code and the plugin's source code from the following link:

Installing the ESP8266 plugin is a straightforward procedure. Follow these steps:

  1. Launch Arduino and access the Preferences window.

  2. In the "Additional Board Manager URLs" field, enter the following URL: You can add multiple URLs by separating them with commas.

  3. Navigate to the "Boards Manager" from the "Tools" menu, then locate the esp8266 platform.

  4. From the drop-down box, select the specific version you require.

  5. Finally, click the "Install" button to complete the installation process.


Lonely Binary Type-C Programmer

For a streamlined experience, consider using the Lonely Binary ESP-01S Type-C Programming tool. This tool supports both Windows and the latest Macbook's Type-C port, making it extremely convenient. Plug in the ESP-01S, switch to flash mode, and press the reset button to enter flash mode. Switch back to normal mode and press the reset button to transition to normal operation mode. This approach simplifies the process, making it more accessible for programming and development tasks. 


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